The land is now officially ours. The design is near-complete. We are both very much in love with it. Mark is now working out the labour-intensive, but oh so important, details. Afterall, God is in the details – isn't that right Mies? He has been working around the clock on the drawings to get them ready to submit to the City for permit. (I dare say, he just might be more sleep-deprived than I am. And I have a two-month old baby to take care of around the clock. But don't tell him I said so.) At the same time, he'll be going over the project with a couple different contractors to see what's feasible and to find a good fit.

Our goal is to break ground asap. We still have loads of time right? Right.

As soon as the design is complete, we'll be ready to share it, and this blog, with the world. Until then, almost...