How much will it cost to build?

The big question everyone has when it comes to building is how much will it cost? The question that usually follows is how long will it take? We’re not interested in sharing our financial details with the world, but we do want to shed some light on the numbers that can make or break. 


It is generally common knowledge that in order to make wise financial investments, especially in real estate, you need to detach yourself emotionally from your investments. I’m sure this makes a lot of sense. But not to us. Every aspect of this project is close to our hearts. We’re thinking of this project as a different kind of investment. We’re thinking of it in terms of how it will improve our lives on a day-to-day basis and how it will benefit our growing family. It’s one of those intangible investments we’re fairly confident will pay-off in other ways.

The construction drawings will soon be with the builders for costing. We've already been back and forth a few times and are working together to come up with numbers we can be comfortable with. We'll know more shortly. 


house build timeline

* THE START DATE we selected was December 1st, 2014. This marks the day we decided to start the re-design. It does not reflect the date we purchased the land — this timeline represents the design/build process.