Upcoming Periscope House Tour: June 2 @ 11 am


For anyone who missed our last tour, and for those geographically challenged, Mark will be live-streaming this upcoming Thursday (June 2) at 11 am EST. You'll have to download the Periscope App to tune-in. Follow @marktrosen. Highly recommend you do so because you can ask him questions and interact as he walks you through the house. 

Grand Designs

A Passive House in England, designed by architect Richard Hawkes

A Passive House in England, designed by architect Richard Hawkes

I was reminded of a great UK tv show after speaking with one of our tour-goers. Britain's first Passive House, amongst others, have been featured on it. It's such a great show – Grand Designs. I really wish our HGTV had something more to offer... Host Kevin McCloud documents self-builds of particular architectural interest. It's in it's 16th season now and has off-shoots in Australia and 'Abroad'. It's worth checking out (although I noticed most of the videos have recently been removed from YouTube :( I found a couple for you through other channels:

Britain's first Passive House

A Passive House in the Cotswolds:

And my all-time favourite Grand Designs episode:


Construction week 14: first floor framing complete

The sun sets over another week. 

The sun sets over another week. 

The last two walls went up this Monday. Here is a Periscope from the weekend with a special guest star appearance. Teaser: it was me. We put the final touches on the walls together. 

We are counting our blessings lately for all this "warm" weather. 

Watch our house build on Periscope

My techie husband has started to Periscope from site. What does that mean? Periscope is social video streaming. You can follow him live when he's on site, listen to him explain things as he walks around the house, ask him questions and interact. The future is now.

Follow him @marktrosen. He'll probably announce the live stream on Twitter beforehand. If you're not following him on Twitter yet, get on that. He's been posting his own updates there too. AND if that's not enough, our builders Cornelis Grey have been Periscoping too. Follow them @cornelisgrey.

Mark's first broadcast on Periscope