Construction week 23: roof trusses


Mark did a pretty great job explaining the roof truss install, which happened this past Tuesday. Thanks to Mark Greenacre for helping out the team. With the remaining days, they built additional frame walls to support the trusses and added the cross bracing to keep it square.

This upcoming week, they'll be finishing the roof prep and installing the roof sheathing. The roofers are due to arrive Wednesday! We are going with a black/grey metal roof, which will be seen by no one.

I had a couple concerns with the metal roof at first:

  1. Would it attract lightening bolts?
  2. And would the dark colour add to the cities 'heat island effect'?

I'm glad to report, through diligent googly research, that I need not be worried, in either case.

If you're flying your drone overhead, our roof will look something like this:

metal roof