3-Day framing time lapse

With the amazing weather we've had for the last while we've been able to make some great progress on framing. This video shows three days' work installing the structural walls and first floor joists.

The joists are all open web joists, which will allow us to run all of our electrical, mechanical and plumbing services easily within the thickness of the floor, without requiring unsightly bulkheads or drop ceilings. Because of the significant reduction in heating demand afforded by our Passive House design, we will not need to install any traditional large metal ductwork usually seen for furnaces and A/C. The only ductwork we will need to run will be for our ventilation system, which uses 3" flexible tubing easily run through the open web joists and inside 2x4 walls.

The spans in the design were carefully limited so that we could use a 9.5" deep truss and maximize ceiling heights. The 12" spacing will create a more rigid floor to accommodate the installation of tile floor above. 

Next step is to install 3/4" plywood floor sheathing, and then very soon the first of our exterior walls!