Construction weeks 6 & 7


I’ve fallen behind on my blogging over the past couple weeks as I’ve started a new full-time job. Which means Mark is handling almost all aspects of the build and I’m playing catch-up over my evenings and visiting the job site on weekends. Thank goodness Mark’s more than capable and is starting to roll up his sleeves on the blog-front too. This is good for all of us, because he’ll be much better at explaining many of the build aspects than moi.

Weeks 6 and 7 were laying the foam for the tray — our structural slab. Read Mark’s post on this, if you haven’t already. Towards the end of the week our team at Cornelis Grey started tying rebar for the slab, on which the concrete will be poured. Hopefully they’ll be finished this laborious task by Monday and we can get the concrete going as soon as possible next week. They have around 1,500 ties to complete, all manually.  They’ll probably never want to see rebar ever again in their lives after this…