Banner cutting: work begins

I am proud to announce that work has begun! I've been waiting a long time to be able to say that. I'm feeling pretty good today. Our top-notch tree team, Ottawa Tree Surgeons, cleared the lot this morning. Quelle difference! I cannot believe how gigantic our silver maple looks now. And the lot!

Mark met our tree team and our excavators yesterday morning on the lot. The excavators are on-deck, so we wanted to ensure expectations were clear and the lot would be ready for them. Before they begin their work, we need to fence off a drip-zone around the silver maple — an orange fence that will remain for the duration of the build to protect the root zone of the tree.

Our city plans examiner took five days to respond to Mark's feedback only to say she needs a hardcopy and has since left on vacation. Argh. She'll be back tomorrow. And we're hoping the can turn around a permit for us right away so the dig can start next week. Wouldn't that be nice? Want to keep this momentum moving forwards.