Building permit submitted

Mark submitted our drawing set to the city last Friday. Engineer-stamped and everything. Cause for celebration. HOORAY! Only a year behind schedule. I had some friend remind me today, however, that we're not building a developer home here. Our expectations of how fast a house can be designed and built may be a bit skewed. This ain't that kind of house. We're playing the long game.

Hopefully we'll get a quick turnaround and an open-minded official overseeing our project. We're trying to do something different. And that can be scary to some.

Meanwhile, I'm in Vancouver with our daughters, visiting my sister. It's such a wonderful city. We've often thought about moving to Vancouver. Still do. It's such a wonderful city. Leading the world in healthy living. Building a passive house out here would be 'easy peasy' and a natural fit with the more moderate climate. If we can make it happen in Ottawa, we can make it happen anywhere.